Free SEO Audit

SEO insights & competitor analysis

Want to see how well your competitors are preforming? Our SEO Audit gives you insight into thier strategy and how you can steal thier customers!

Included in your SEO audit:

  • Competitors Organic Traffic

    Your SEO audit will begin by tracking the traffic of your top competitors, showing you exactly what's possible through the power of SEO. Even crazier than that, we can tell you how much traffic their getting for particular keywords, enabling us to reverse engineer thier success.

  • Competitors authority and backlink profile

    Good domain authority is key to SEO success. We'll assess your competitors backlink profile and even show you where they got thier best links. Statistics show a good backlink averages at around £350 each (excluding labour and outreach costs) this insight alone could could save you thousands, allowing you to rank faster and profit quicker!

  • Performance optimization suggestions

    Google loves a fast, optimized website and will reward you with higher rankings for making the effort. We'll show you exactly what Google thinks of your current site and provide you with the details to perform this often 1 time task.

  • Custom SEO strategy and advice

    This is not a cookie cutter solution where we punch a few addresses in and generate a report. This audit is a custom in-depth analysis with an industry SEO expert to enable your business to slay the competition.

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SEO audit Stats for technical health SEO
SEO Traffic and stats report and audit
SEO Audit Performance optimization report
SEO Audit Performance optimization report

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