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Design and Development of website Elite ECU's Logo and Website

Design and Development of Website , Swansea

Based in Swansea, Elite ECU’s owned by Mark Harris approached us for a graphic design and development of website. Marks company provides ECU Remaps and other services for car, vans and trucks and are one of the top remapping companies in South Wales.

Problems with current website design and development -

The original site was not optimised to attract new customers via search engines and then failed to maximise leads that did make it to the site, leaving £1000s of missed sales each month. 

The original website was not mobile responsive, with over 60% of all traffic coming via mobile this was a huge loss in revenue for Elite-ECU. 

The website was slow to load and had an extremely high bounce rate.

Elite-ECU’s were unable to review data on their website to aid continuous improvement of their website & to further aid marketing and design.   

Mark also needed a stronger look for his brand and a website that reflects the professionalism of his service.

Old Website Design


New Website Design

What did Elite ECU's have to say?

Solutions -

To achieve the goals required to boost sales for Marks business our core lead magnet strategy focused on graphic design and development of website with the key goal of generating enquires. Each page is designed to attract relevant search engine traffic and then drive user interaction and call to actions, in this case a phone call, with little effort.

The website was built with speed in mind. We have manged to add rich and professional content whilst reducing the load time from 13 seconds to just 3 seconds. We have also increased Marks website ratings substantially which will allow him to soar up the google ranks and rake in a good deal more sales without any extra effort on the Marks part.


Old Website Performance Report

New Website Performance Report

We also setup Elite-ECU’s google analytics accounts and optimised the settings so the customer can see all of his website stats online via mobile app or desktop. This ongoing data will give vital insights and allow us to adjust with time for even more sales month on month.

We created a variety of new logo’s and favicons for Elite ECU’s which was designed to represent the brand quality whilst integrating seamlessly into the company website and existing offline material. 

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