Animated Logos: 5 Reasons To Have One

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The role of the logo is well known.

Your logo is the symbol of your brand. It forms a visual connection to your brand. It separates you from your competition. It promotes brand loyalty. It grabs the attention of your target audience.

Your logo is the core of your brand’s identity and the foundation for your branding strategy.

So, seen as this one element is the beating heart of your entire brand image, why would you want it to be flat and lifeless?

Don’t get me wrong, some static graphic designs are insanely good.

But, think about how much better even a good logo could be if it were moving.

With the help of animation you can elevate your flat, still, two-dimensional logo into an eye-catching visual story of your brand.

What is an animated logo?

An animated logo takes the existing elements of your logo and moves them around in varying compositions to make the logo itself come to life.

This can vary from simple dynamic effects, such as alternating colours, to a full-blown short video presentation in which all the elements are moving freely around each other before ultimately forming your complete logo. Visit our Cardiff Graphic designer page to know more about creating animations and other graphic services. 

The advantages of animated logos

Animated logos hold people’s attention

Our fast-paced lives are calling for more and more instant gratification; hence why people engage with video content far more than static images or text.

With static logos consumers are likely to glance over them, whereas the moving parts of an animated logo can draw their eyes to each element of the design.

Consumers will focus on and recognise individual aspects of the logo and watch it take its final form as they continue to process all of the visual content contained within.

Animated logos promote brand awareness

We mentioned earlier that people engage with video content more than with static images. This fact is one of the primary motivations behind opting for an animated logo.

A person might need to see your static logo a number of times before fully recognising it and connecting it to your brand.

As for an animated logo, people tend to look more closely at the image each time they see it. The moving parts often provide an instant connection and this leaves a lasting impression in their mind.

Animated logos tell the story of your company

By incorporating features of your business into the design, the logo itself can tell the story of what you do.

Take FedEx for example.

Their animated logo begins with an open orange box popping up on the screen. The box flips up and closes, landing on the back of a purple truck. As the truck drives off, the words FedEx rise up from the imaginary road.

By watching this animation, we already have a good idea of the type of company that FedEx might be, before we look at any of their other content.

And, bear in mind, that FedEx’s static logo is purely text. Imagine what you could do if your logo included images.

Animated logos elicit emotions

Animated logos have an element of surprise.

When people see your logo moving about they are likely to be wondering what will happen next and how this logo is going to finish up.

This adds a touch of excitement. These emotions of interest, excitement, and even joy, are then connected with your company in your target audience’s mind.

So, we could say that an animated logo creates a lasting impression.

Animated logos add an air of professionalism

Consumers are well aware of animated logos, having seen them used by big brands across the globe.

But small firms are often left behind, trailing the trend with their static designs.

Having an animated logo can elevate your brand in the consumer’s mind. It shows that you are keeping up with the latest innovations and it can form a link in their minds with large, successful companies.

Where to use an animated logo

The great thing about animated logos is their usability.

Social Media:

Adding an animated logo to video content across various social media platforms is an effective way to promote your brand. You could even make a GIF from your animated logo.

Company Website:

A company website is the perfect place for an animated logo. Whilst your page is loading the logo can be used to keep consumers’ attention; it also helps to engage them on slow loading pages where they might be tempted to bounce.

Every second spent watching the logo is more time spent on your website, this in turn increases dwell time, which could positively affect your search engine ranking.

Company presentations:

If your company often creates presentations or tutorials, an animated logo can increase their professional appeal. It could also help to bring static slides alive, all whilst reaffirming your brand’s identity.


With the logo at the centre of a brand’s marketing strategy it’s a vital part of a company’s identity.

Animated logos have numerous benefits when it comes to brand recognition; they hold people’s attention, they tell a visual story, they evoke emotions, and they add an air of professionalism.

Animated logos are used by many big name brands, but many small companies are failing to claim the benefits of them.

For small businesses, an animated logo has the potential to elevate your brand above the competition.

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