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Companies We Work With

Durham County Council

Durham County Council

Citizens_Advice_Logo 2

Citizens Advice

Lewis Girls School Facebook Campaign Logo 800x600px-webp

Lewis Girls School

Goldman Group 800x600px-webp

Goldman Group

Arcade Jewellers 800x600px-webp

Arcade Jewellers

Deo-Law-SEO-Logo 800x600px-webp

Deo Law

Boddice Accounting - Logo 800x600px-webp

Boddice Accounting

Federation Design Logo 800x600px-webp

Federation Design

The Purple Giraffes Website Logo 800x600px-webp

The Purple Giraffes LinkedIn Consultants


Mirage Blinds

Elite ECU's 800x600-webp

Elite ECU's

Thornbury Collections Website Logo 800x600px-webp

Thornbury Collection Services

KP Plastering Logo 800x600px-webp

KP Plastering

positive-branding-SEO-logo 800x600px-webp

Positive Branding

KPX New Logo Deign 800x600px-webp

Kinetic Pixel


Miss Victoria School of Ballet

Roger Gilbert Hypnotherepy and Meditation 800x600px-webp

Professional Therapy & Coaching

Profile P Logo Website Image 800x600px-webp

Profile P

Grace House Clearances Website SEO Logo 800x600px-webp

Grace House Clearances

Say-It-With-Champers-SEO-Audit-Website-Logo 800x600px-webp

Say it with Champers

Signum Health

Signum Health

Avengers Prime Care

Avengers Prime Care

SA-Twelve-logo-Website 800x600px-webp

SA-Twelve Group

GalloGlas Group Logo-webp

GalloGlas Group

Elite Fire and Security

Elite Fire & Security

Anubis Locks Website Logo - 800x600px-webp

Anubis Locks

mepco_logo Transparant 800x600px-webp

Mepco Mouldings

Vallen Engineering Logo 800x600px-webp

Vallen Engineering

HAYSYS-Header-Logo- 800x600px-webp

Haysys Electronic Design

DRAC-Logo-Website- 800x600px-webp

DRAC Building Services Consultants

Knect Website Logo 800x600px-webp

Knect Assemblies Engineering

Llanfair Church-Logo 800x600px-webp

Llanfair Church

Cornerstone Pentecostal Web Design Logo 800x600px-webp

Cornerstone Pentecostal Church

kernow-vets-messaging-logo 800x600px-webp

Kernow Vets Messaging


Phoneta Call Services

Virutal-Olive-Logo 800x600px-webp

Virtual Olive Virtual Assistant

The Kid Clothing Logo 800x600px-webp

The Kid Clothing

BushBlaze Website Logo 800x600px-webp

Bush Blaze

Sassy Skin Web Build Logo-webp

Sassy Skin

The True Crime Database Website Logo 800x600px-webp

The True Crime Database

Catipilla Logo 800x600px-webp



Complete Equestrian

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Results Focused Web Development In South Wales & Branding

Matthew Bushen is an international Website development & SEO company in South Wales

Progressive companies worldwide have enlisted our help to secure effective website development and marketing to support the growth of their own brands. We follow proven, data driven website development & design techniques and SEO to improve customer outreach, increase sales & maximise the growth of your online brand.

Your success is our success

We focus on the outcome. Allowing you to find new customers, keep their attention, but ultimately, convert them. Our proven web development and SEO strategies will then keep your customers engaged and encourage them to boost your advertising efforts on your behalf.

If you are a multi-national company, a startup or anywhere in between, we’re here to help you achieve the success you always wanted by earning the trust of your customers and powering your company’s prowess above your competitors.

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